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    Do you want to stand out in the crowd? Would you like to be a destination for Buyers at Market? How can you reach potential buyers before, during and after Markets? Let DMC Media answer these questions and more…

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  • Directories

    The Dallas Market Center Directories are where attendees go to look up permanent and temporary showrooms as well as manufacturers and product lines.

  • Magazines

    Why is Spark Magazine used by over 50,000 retailers and designers — before, during and after June and January Total Home & Gift markets? Because each issue conveys the energy and excitement of market, providing helpful information about the countless products available and serving as a guide to all that market has to offer. In fact, 93% of buyers use Source, making it the single most effective way to showcase new products at market.

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  • Digital & Online

    Dallas Market Center has Digital Video Screens at our registration desks, elevator and escalator lobbies as well as other strategic locations throughout our campus.

    For our Online Marketing opportunities, the dallasmarketcenter.com website receives over 50,000 visitors each month accounting for over 300,000 page views every 30 days.

    Let us help you reach this audience with email blasts, banner advertising and more!

  • On-Site Sponsorships

    Savvy marketers know they can’t wait for their buyers to come to them, they have to be proactive in attracting buyers to their booths and showrooms.

    Dallas Market Center’s onsite sponsorship program gives you the tools – banners, floor graphics, elevator wraps and much more – to reach those buyers. Contact us today for more information on how Dallas Market Center can put its campus to work for you!

Sponsorships - Apparel & Accessories Market

Packages include multiple banners, signs, column wraps and escalator signage.


Locations & Rates

All Materials are subject to Dallas Market Center (DMC) Approval.


Main lobby, door exterior $2,750
Other floors, door exterior $1,750
Bubble cabin, exterior $6,750
Cabin, interior/Header ads $1,250
Cabin, door interior $3,000


Trade Mart or World Trade Center registration $3,000
Atrium (15' tall) $3,500
Outside main entrance, World Trade Center (6' tall wrap) $7,500



Floor Dot (3' x 3') $450
Escalator floor sticker(2' x 6') $750
Wall Poster $500
Elevator lobby Vignette (Floors 2-15) $1,750
Registration Desk, Trademart $6,500
Registration Desk, World Trade Center $7,500


Corner (World Trade Center) $3,500
3' x 30' World Trade Center $3,500
13.5' x 25' World Trade Center elevator tower $6,500
20' x 25' World Trade Center atrium (2 sided) $10,000


Shopping bags $3,000
Badge holders $3,000

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