Independent Sales Rep

Company:  Pinnacle Showroom

Date Posted: 7/24/2017

 Work from home, the showroom or on the road!

Looking for an Independent Sales Rep for Shoes & Accessories (not jewelry). Need to have wholesale experience and understand the process of going on the road.

Who We Are:
Pinnacle Showroom is a Multi-Line sales agency in Dallas, TX and Chicago, IL. We represent some of the fashion industry's leading contemporary Men's & Women's brands. Ranging from lounge & activewear to shoes & accessories. Pinnacle has a laid back environment, but are anything but laid back when it comes to increasing sales and getting the job done right.

What Were Looking For:
We're currently looking to fill 1 Independent rep position in the Shoe & Accessory Category (Men's & Women's product).
- Guy or Girl
- Someone with experience in wholesale
- Someone with a killer personality
- Someone who isn't afraid to take the bull by the horns (go make the sale... don't expect it to come to you)
- Someone who is fashionable
- Someone who isn't afraid of travel
- Someone who isn't afraid to talk to strangers on the phone
- Someone who is good at multi-tasking

Lastly, you'll be on your own most of the time and able to work from home, the showroom or on the road. We need someone who can stay focused and motivated to make sales.

For more info give us a shout!

To Apply

Pinnacle Showroom
(312) 523-4148