Brand Ambassadors

Company:  DeVanche Diamonds and Jewellery

Date Posted: 5/3/2019


DeVanche has established an exciting and unique opportunity for influencers and fashion mavens alike. This opportunity doesn’t require working in the store, carrying any merchandise, purchasing any samples, being exposed to the "dollars-and-cents" part of the business, or taking any time away from your priorities.

This Brand Ambassador opportunity is not a multilevel-marketing pyramid of any shape or color. DeVanche’s typical ambassador is usually a happy client, but anyone can sign up if he/she is willing to share it exciting business with others in need of trusted service, is open to higher-quality service, diamonds and jewelry, and is a potential DeVanche's client.

"We want everyone to benefit from this concept and our work," says CEO /Founder Ken Gazian.

The opportunity welcomes anyone and allows individuals to make great extra income without requiring special licenses, certifications, or skills. The opportunity extends to any geographic region and is suitable for anyone, including professionals, celebrities, stay-home-parents, students, and senior retirees. For some, it may provide financial freedom.

Ambassadors simply refer people to DeVanche and receive a great percentage on any purchase made. Annual luxury awards are given to top performers. And, lest you were concerned, all percentages and awards paid to ambassadors on purchases come directly from the company profits–never from additions to price tags. You can be assured that all referred clients always getting the best price and service possible, with care and support, regardless of how they came in or who referred them.

To Apply

Ken Gazian
DeVanche Diamonds and Jewellery
(469) 556-9489