Temporary Market Help Wanted!!!

Company:  L & A Showroom

Date Posted: 7/28/2020

L&A is an established wholesale sales agency offering contemporary clothing and accessories for women. We are seeking young, temporary salespeople to be part of our show team. They will be representing our company to present our clothing line and provide an excellent sales experience to our customers. Whoever works with us will have a high chance of being recruited to our show traveling team.

Key responsibilities for temporary salespeople (includes but are not limited to following):
1. Understand, learn, and utilize selected computer program to process purchase order correctly and in a timely manner.
2. Must wear our samples to promote (all samples are in size small) along with presentable shoes.
3. Manage high volume, day to day processing of purchase orders.
4. Organize and maintain racks and samples
5. Maintain high level of sales
6. Build and manage positive and friendly customer, associate, and peer relationships.

Key requirements for temporary salesperson position:
1. Must be available on all market dates in a given market
2. Computer literate
3. Self-motivated
4. Team oriented
5. Reliable and good work ethic
6. Attention to details and excellent organization skills
7. Excellent time management skills to handle multiple customers

To Apply

Marty Leon
L & A Showroom
(214) 631-7486