Inside Sales Coordinator

Company:  Dexas International, Ltd.

Date Posted: 5/31/2017

 Report to and provide excellent general office support to your specified Sales Manager in an efficient and timely manner. Assist your Sales Manager with all his customer accounts, as well as, his outside sales reps and their customers accounts. Handle phone calls, emails and correspondence, as necessary. Work with Co-Workers in a professional manner to provide a productive working environment in and between departments. Assist other Sales Managers when your Co-Sales Coordinators are unavailable/out of the office. Be detailed when providing information and timeframes. Use organizational skills to maintain timelines, follow through and completion of duties.

Complete and Maintain the following for your Sales Manager:

Catalogs - Process and send catalogs for your Sales Manager and his Outside Sales Reps
General Office Paperwork - Process all sales and Dexas related documentation, quotes, forms, proposals, item submissions, set up forms, pro forma invoices and related documents such as BOL's (if necessary) catalog updates, webpage updates, photo updates, reporting and annual reporting, item submissions, price sheets, revisions and cancellations, etc...
Item and Store Analysis - Provide necessary Item and Store analysis, as requested
Filing - Organize and maintain filing systems weekly
Forecasting - Provide forecasting information from your Sales Manager, if necessary, to the Inventory Department Manager
Emails and Correspondence - Respond timely to emails and correspondence
Customer Service - Provide superior customer services for all telephone calls, emails, faxes and mailings from current and potential customers, Outside Sales Rep groups and their customers, co-workers, etc...
Outside Sales Rep Agreements - Process all new, updated and terminated Outside Sales Rep agreements/forms paperwork for your Sales Manager and provide to Co-Sales Coordinator handling finalized contracts, on a timely basis
Follow-up - Respond and confirm any outstanding issues. Resolve unfinished tasks
Process Sample Requests - Organize and maintain sample request for your Sales Manager, his customers, his Outside Sales Rep and their accounts, efficiently and timely, with the Inventory Department
Assist other Sales Managers - Assist other Sales Managers when their Co-Sales Coordinators are unavailable/out of the office

Full Range of Employee Benefits:
Medical (Company Paid EO HSA)
Dental (Company Paid EO DHMO)
Vision Coverage
Insurance Options
Health Savings Account (HSA)
Life Insurance and LTD (Company Paid)
401(k) Plan and Match
Paid Holidays
Vacation and Sick Time Accruals
Profit Sharing

To Apply

Dee Ann Outlaw
Dexas International, Ltd.
(469) 635-8101