Discover the 5 Senses Giveaway

Part treasure hunt, part visual merchandising motivation and part financial benefits for your business. Welcome to the January Total Home & Gift Market interactive experience, where you can discover inspiring display ideas, new products, and play along for the chance to win $5000 DMC Dollars, complimentary hotel nights and more!

Tell Me More About The Prizes!

Participate in the contest to earn big rewards. How big? One buyer, selected at random, will win $5,000 DMC Dollars to use towards product purchases at the June Total Home & Gift Market. That’s a huge opportunity for your business to create more than $10,000 in profit—for FREE. We will also select five additional buyers to receive two free hotel nights when they come back to see us in June.

How Does It Work?

Be on the hunt for QR codes which have been placed all around market—in expected and unexpected locations. Scan the code using the code reader available inside the NEW Dallas Market Center mobile app. Every unique code you scan is an entry to win. Scan as many QR codes as you can find to increase your entries—but each unique code you scan only counts once. If you try to scan the same code twice, you will not receive two entries. So be sure to explore all over the DMC campus to find more unique codes.


1. Download the DMC App. So head on over to the Apple App Store or Google Play. If you already have the DMC app you must go to the app store and update it. And of course you must have a smartphone to play.

AppleGoogle Play

2. Scan Your Badge. First, open the DMC app then touch “Discover the 5 Senses” from the main navigation screen. Then tap “Get Started.” Allow the DMC app to access your camera—you will see a screen that looks like your camera. Next, hold your phone over the QR code on your badge so you see it on your screen. Having trouble? Try turning your badge to ensure it is upright in your camera view. Move it closer and farther away to help the camera focus. Once the code reads correctly a screen will pop up asking to enter or confirm your email address.

3.Enter or Confirm Your Email Address. This is very important! If you have an email address registered with us, then that is what you will see on the screen. Is that email correct? Then tap submit. Is that email not accurate? Then tap in the box and delete then retype your correct email. No email displayed? Please enter your correct email address in the box before submitting. You are all set!


1.Start Scanning. Hunt for QR codes all around market. When you find one, open the DMC app and tap “Discover the 5 Senses” in the main navigation and then tap “Scan a Code.” The camera screen will appear—so hold up your phone like you are taking a photo of the QR code—which should read automatically. If the code is one that you have not scanned previously, a green box will surround the code and a message will pop up letting you know that you have entered. If the QR code is invalid or you have already scanned it, you will see a message letting you know that that is not a valid code.

2.One Scan per Code. Remember each code only counts once so even if you scan the same code multiple times, it will only count as one entry.

3.Your Total Scans. Any time you want to see how many valid codes you have scanned or how many entries you have gained, just tap on “My Total Scans” and you will see a total count that will update automatically as you go. You can also see this screen every time you close out and reopen your DMC app, then tap on “Discover the 5 Senses” again in the main navigation.


What is a QR code?

Basically, a QR (or “quick response”) code works in the same way as a barcode at the supermarket. It is a machine-scannable image that can instantly be read using a Smartphone camera. Every QR code consists of a number of black squares and dots which represent certain pieces of information.

Where are the codes?

Near the curated product displays plus additional codes in random locations around campus. They are in common areas and are not located inside temp booths or showrooms—except the shared showrooms including The Gallery, Light + Design on Ten, Studio at KidsWorld, Gourmet Market, and 2301 Collection
I need hints!
Don’t worry, we will help you. Be sure to pay attention to market emails, push notifications and social media.

Why else should I scan?

Well, since you asked: all codes you scan will unlock something of value. It could be a fun tip for market, or just something fun to add enjoyment to your day. Also, the QR codes near the 5 senses product displays will also unlock a shopping list of the products that you see. You will see a list of those products, their exhibitor name and showroom/booth location where you can find them on campus. For added convenience, each day during market that you participate, we will email you a daily summary of your activity. It will show you your total scans for the day, the running total of scans/ entries so far and will also provide you a link to view the list of product information you scanned.

What if I still need help? Who can I talk to?

Visit any of the DMC info booths for help or for more information. There will be a friendly DMC employee that will be happy to walk you through anything you need help with or answer any other questions that you may have.

The small print: Open only to registered buyers attending January Total Home & Gift Market. One buyer to be selected at random for a $5000 credit to be used for orders placed at the June Total Home & Gift Market. 5 additional buyers to receive 2 free hotel nights for the June Total Home & Gift Market. Hotel assigned at the sole discretion of DMC based upon availability. For more information about the rules, please view the terms and conditions.