In Showroom Customer Service

Company:  Reeves and Company

Date Posted: 5/12/2022

Position: Customer Service Representative
Base city: Dallas, Texas
Full time: Yes
Office hours: will vary depending on the time of year/season. Most weeks will be in our showroom from 9 to 5. Other times we may be working a show over a weekend.

Job Description: Including but not limited to order entry, calling for credit cards, resolving issues due to RA’s/late shipments/short shipments, running various reports for management, traveling for markets; Will work side-by-side with Showroom Manager.

Proficiency: needs to be skilled in Excel, Word, Joor, Nuorder and Seladex (will be trained).

To Apply

Reagen Wakefield
Reeves and Company
(214) 631-3231