LipSips is a reusable food-grade silicone device that allows you to drink without pursing your lips, preventing wrinkles around your mouth when used atop of a straw. Lip lines and wrinkles form from repetitive lip pursuing. LipSips comes with a silicone straw and cleaner brush or an all inclusive stainless steel rainbow straw and cleaner with fun tumbler in three different designs / colors. LipSips are detachable and fit on a standard size drinking straw so perfect for on the go. Dishwasher safe.

Product Lines

Gift Misc
Candy Sip Pink LipSipLipSips Tumbler Pearl "Stay Beautiful" logo
Passion Sip Red LipSip
Impulse Items
Midnight Sips Navy LipSips
Party Favors
LipSips Tumbler Kisses
Sustainable Products
LipSips Tumbler Pink "Stay Beautiful" logoSunset Sip Lavender Lipsip

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