Tours & Demonstrations

Activate your senses of sight, sound, and smell with tailored tours and inspiring live floral and holiday demonstrations from our Dallas Market Center experts. You will leave these events refreshed and full of new knowledge to use during the remainder of your Market experience.


Retail expert Rawlins Gilliland independently sources things he believes will sell with markup potential. Mindful that minimums & merchandise differentiation matter, join him to see his picks of best temps, impulse purchases, and profitable products.

Discovery Tour with Rawlins: Decorative Trend Profitable Lines & Items
Thursday, January 9th at 3pm
Discovery Tour with Rawlins: Top Temp Exhibitor Finds
Friday, January 10th at 11am
Discovery Tour with Rawlins: Great Margin Building Small Gifts
Friday, January 10th at 3pm
Discovery Tour with Rawlins: Top Cash & Carry Picks or Order – Market Hall Picks
Saturday, January 11th at 11am

J Schwanke

Join J Schwanke – host of “Life in Bloom” on Public TV and Create TV and Design Expert for the Dallas Market Center for this fast paced-walking tour of Campus. J will take you on a journey to view World Class display and merchandising, sure to give you useful ideas, valuable inspiration and spark your own creativity for display and merchandising ideas both big and small.

Tour with J Schwanke: The Best of Display & Merchandising at the DMC
Wednesday, January 8th at 10am
Live Demo with J Schwanke – Flower your Holidays!
Wednesday, January 8th at 3pm

Patti Biro

Join Patti Biro from the Spa Industry Association for an insider tour of retail product categories and trends at market. Do you want to know the latest personal care and gift items for your spa, salon, or wellness facility? Then stroll with Patti as she shares impulse buys, high margin finds, gift items, indie beauty and ingredient trends. Any retailer seeking to expand their selection of wellness and lifestyle retail is welcome!

Tour: Top Trends in Spa and Wellness Retail
Wednesday, January 8th at 2pm

Susan Inglis

Gone are the days when sustainable furnishings screamed earth-friendly. Today, the style statement for an eco-friendly, healthy home is all about quality furnishings with beautiful aesthetics, no matter what the style and price-point. Sustainable Furnishings Council's Susan Inglis, Executive Director and resident expert, provides you with an overview presentation "What is Sustainable Furniture, Anyway?" then guides you through SFC member showrooms where you see examples and learn more as we view and glean insights about the wide range of stylish sustainable furnishings on offer at Dallas Market Center. CEU-104621 is offered for this FREE tour.

Sustainable Style Tour
Thursday, January 9th at 11am