Showroom Temp Sales Support

Company:  Diverse Marketing

Date Posted: 8/6/2020

Diverse Marketing is looking for immediate temporary showroom sales support and set up for the upcoming Dallas Total Home & Gift show & Apparel Market.

Job functions to Include but not limited to the following:

1. Understand, learn, and utilize selected computer program to process purchase order correctly and in a timely manner.
2. Manage high volume, day to day processing of purchase orders.
3. Learn the basics of multiple lines in showroom
4. Reliable, good work ethic, Self-motivated, Team oriented
5. Attention to details and excellent organization skills
6. Excellent time management skills to handle multiple customers
7. Business casual attire, no visible tattoos or piercings
8. Hours of operation: 8am – 6pm daily; 1 late night until 8pm.

Interested parties please contact Karen Allen at
214-741-5974 /
Or stop by our Showroom Suite#439 M-F

To Apply

Karen Allen
Diverse Marketing
(214) 741-5974