Press Room

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November 23, 2020

—Experiential learning, diverse voices and bold honesty to define sessions at the September 21-22, 2021 event for the architectural, specification and design communities—

November 20, 2020

—January market experience to include new and expanded showrooms and a full Temps marketplace—

November 19, 2020

—200+ leading lighting brands prepare for the in-person event; companion virtual show will extend their reach for commerce and trend discovery—

November 18, 2020

—Robust calendar presents additional buying opportunities to meet buyer demand for year-round schedule inside inspiring and efficient marketplace—

November 10, 2020

—Across multiple floors and trade events new companies and iconic brands participating—

November 05, 2020

—Largest U.S. buying group for specialty and consumer electronics to premiere showroom at January 2021 Markets including Lightovation—

November 02, 2020

—specialty toy association members to participate in Temps; to hold networking events supporting business innovation and growth for independent retail—

November 02, 2020

–January debut of multiple shows inside marketplace with 1000+ brands dedicated to the Western and Equestrian lifestyle–

October 29, 2020

—October Event Continues Momentum; Marketplace Expanding For January 2021 To Meet Increasing Demand—

October 26, 2020

—September 21-22, 2021 event for the architectural, specification and design communities expected to attract leading commercial brands and lighting specifiers—

October 20, 2020

–World’s Largest Western and English Marketplace Continues to Grow–

October 12, 2020

–Western and English Marketplace at Dallas Market Center continues to grow–

October 06, 2020

—13 Organizations to Present Special Recognition to 13 Leaders For Outstanding Service During COVID-19 Pandemic—

October 02, 2020

—Smarter Living by Design, the first-ever smart home showroom in North America, recognized by leading residential technology association—

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