Marketing Coordinator

Department:  Marketing and Creative Services

Date Posted: 3/9/2018

Position Summary: The Marketing Coordinator is a marketing and project management position that works closely with the Brand Director assisting in the overall administration of ARTS Awards, one of the largest home furnishings awards program in the industry. The Coordinator manages and maintains daily projects management/scheduling of marketing collateral for ARTS Awards.


Position Description (Italics reflect performance appraisal criteria):

Help manage schedules, plans, tasks for all marketing projects as it relates to ARTs Awards; coordinate resources

Manage and track overall schedule for ARTs Awards program including communication with nominees/finalists/judges/nomination committee/presenters/ gala attendees/sponsors and application program, Reviewer.

Assign, track and review projects to ensure projects are delivered on time and to satisfaction; communicate with stakeholders on project status, issues and risks

Procure any assets needed to complete projects (production schedules from outside vendors, print estimates, mail lists, postage costs, etc.)

Other related duties as assigned

Positions Supervised:



Required Education:

College Degree in Marketing, Hospitality or Related Field

Required Experience:

●  At least 1 year of work experience

 Strong project management expertise/organizational skills

 Proven ability to create clear and concise documentation—project plans, requirements, status reports

 Excellent written and oral communication skills

 Strong attention to detail, motivation, self-initiative with strong interpersonal skills

- Event planning experience preferred


Physical Requirements:

Able to sit for extended periods of time

Able to walk around campus for extended periods of time (mainly during market set-up)


Required Competencies:

Communication: Effectively listens to others and makes clear and effective oral presentations to individuals and groups regarding work-unit or organization issues. Communicates effectively in writing; is clear, concise and easily understood.

Flexibility: Adapts to change in the work environment in ways that help work-unit staff keep projects “on course.”

Interpersonal Skills: Considers and appropriately responds to the needs, feelings, capabilities, and interests of others.

Planning: Establishes policies, guidelines, plans, and priorities required to meet work-unit or organization objectives.

Resource Utilization: Responsibly spends financial resources in ways that result in ultimate accomplishment of work-unit or organizational objectives. Effectively and efficiently uses materials, supplies, equipment, systems or organization facilities.

Self-Management: Engages in the effective use of self-assessment and self-management techniques in order to proactively and continuously improve own performance. Exhibits full responsibility for one’s own work achievements and consistently maintains a high level of self-management that contributes to sustained high performance.

Time Management: Effectively uses the time available to complete work tasks and activities that lead to the achievement of expected work objectives (as results or outputs).

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