Approved Caterers

Levy is the Dallas Market Center in-house food service company.  All on-site food service and catering must be conducted with either Levy or an approved caterer.  Levy can accommodate any size group - large or small - and offers many choices in their catering menus for exhibitors.

Dallas Market Center has entered into agreements with local catering firms and authorized them to sell and deliver food & beverage items to showrooms in the complex. These caterers are authorized to service permanent showrooms only, not public areas or temporary showrooms.

Exhibitors may personally bring items into their showrooms, however, these are the only caterers allowed to access the dock and bring food and equipment into the buildings.

Want to become an Approved Caterer? For more information, contact Levy Restaurants at (214) 760-2840. 

Food Service Company Phone Number
Levy Restaurants at Dallas Market Center (214) 749-5493
Catering by Larry (972) 245-9033
Celebration Catering (214) 351-2456
Corner Bakery Café-Preston Center East (214) 368-7101
Dallas Addison Catering (972) 620-3000
Freshella Catering (469) 480-0777
Jason's Deli (214) 904-8200
Lush Catering (214) 908-7361
Pappas Catering (972) 669-0364
The Red Head Catering (469) 387-7641
Spice of Life Catering (972) 417-1755