Policies & Conduct

NEW! Cart Policy

Review our new policy for carts and baggage at Market to help ensure a safe business environment for everyone. Buyers are allowed to bring rolling briefcases and rolling laptop cases no larger than 12” (H) x 16” (W) x 5” (D) in Dallas Market Center buildings (Trade Mart, World Trade Center, The Plaza and Market Hall). Please measure your cart prior to coming to market.

What if I arrive and my cart exceeds the size limitations?

If it is not possible to return your cart to your car or hotel, please check it in luggage check. During markets, luggage check is available in Suite 130 of World Trade Center and at the front entrances of The Plaza and Trade Mart. Luggage check is open during January and June Total Home & Gift Markets in Market Hall.

Why are certain size carts prohibited?

Carts often get stuck on escalators causing them to stop, which is a safety concern. Carts also break the escalator plates requiring them to be turned off for repair. They take up space on elevators and require riders to exit and re-enter to accommodate them. With the glass elevators cabs, there is also a danger of a cart hitting the glass and breaking. Carts can create a safety hazard in the hallways, as people may trip over them. In addition, there is a security issue when showrooms ask buyers to leave their carts out in the hallways. We cannot guarantee that carts filled with merchandise won't be stolen or damaged.

How do I carry the larger merchandise?

Our principle role at DMC is to provide an excellent order-writing environment for retailers and wholesalers. On occasion, exhibitor wholesalers will make their floor samples available for purchase as they change their product lines. When the product is large, we have Red Cap Handlers who transport merchandise in and out of the buildings. They are stationed at the freight dock, located at the back of World Trade Center. You can negotiate a price for their services.

Guest Policy

To maintain the wholesale integrity of DMC's trade events, buyers should limit guest count to one per buyer and qualify all professional buyers in DMC's registration system. For guests essential to business (limit one per registered buyer) there is a $150 non-refundable show service fee (Apparel & Accesories Markets, Total Home & Gift Markets and 1st Monday and Tuesday Mini-Markets only**). Spouses are welcome and not subject to the guest fee. Guests are required to stay with the buyer.

**This may include days prior to market.

Child Care Policy

For safety reasons, children under the age of 12 are strongly discouraged from attending any DMC Market. Strollers are not allowed inside any Dallas Market Center buildings.