Press Kit & Press Release How to

Elements of a press kit

  • A press release (see below)
  • Photography and/or video of product and professional headshots - Label the photos/DVDs with the type of product and for a headshot, put the person’s name, title and company
  • Company fact sheet - An overview of company highlights in bullet point format
  • Executive bios - Short backgrounds on company leaders
  • Press clips - The best coverage you’ve received, high-quality color copies
  • Presentation - Include the above in a simple two-pocket folder. For tradeshow purposes, make sure your booth or showroom number is displayed prominently and always include your contact information.

How to write a press release

  • Make it newsworthy!
  • Editors determine news value from several different angles: Current events/importance, human interest value, public service aspects, financial effects, and potential impact on readers
  • Do not write copy with news slant or that reads like advertising copy
  • An important thing to remember is that a press release is NOT advertising
  • Buy space = Advertising; Supply information = potential publicity
  • Read the publications that you are interested in targeting to get an idea of how they write what they cover, and how to position your information
  • Keep it short – ideally no more than two pages
  • Type it on company letterhead and put contact information in the upper left or right-hand corner
  • Put your most exciting news in the headline, this is the attention getter
  • Dateline comes next. This opens the release with the city, state and date – then the opening sentence
  • Who, what, when and where goes in the first paragraph. Body paragraphs provide more details.
  • Include a quote from a key person in the company, for example the president or owner
  • Close the release with ### to indicate the end
  • If you can, send a photo with your release
  • PROOF, PROOF, PROOF. After the writer proofs the release, have someone else proof. Be sure to double-check spelling and edit based on Associated Press style.